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Victory is Necessary for Success

“The best way to succeed is to have a specific intent, a clear vision, a plan of action, and the ability to maintain clarity.”

— Steve Maraboli

One does not happen upon success haphazardly.  Success that lasts is achieved with deliberate purpose and vision is the deciding factor between arriving at your place of destination intentionally rather than stumbling into it.  Those who are most successful in life understand the value of having clear vision! 


Firstly, even the most noble of visions still require that the Good Hand of the Lord rest upon it to ensure its success.   You may have great plans and even greater vision, but you are operating at less than optimal efficiency if you fail to secure the blessing of the Lord upon it.  No matter how favorably positioned you may be or how skilled those involved in your vision may be, the Good Hand of the Lord is imperative for its successful execution.  The clearest part of your vision should always be the recognition of the need for God’s favor upon it. 

Secondly, in order to operate in clear vision you must assess what you want to accomplish and if your vision is properly aligned with what you endeavor to achieve.  Assessment is a critical step in walking in vision as it affords you the opportunity to measure it against tangibly defined objectives.  It gives you the opportunity to determine if your proposed solution is a viable one or if there are extraneous factors that you failed to consider that must also be addressed.  Assessment allows you to mitigate any points of obscurity relative to the assignment and move forward on a clear path to success.   

Thirdly, in order for vision to prevail it must be articulated in terms that are communicable to everyone assigned to it.  It is divine intent that vision be communicated in terms that those assigned to carry it are able to properly understand (Habakkuk 2:2).  We have to stand guard against the assumption that the people alongside us understand the terms of the vision simply because we do.  As visionaries we must ensure that our team understands the nature of the vision and its various components from their line of sight. 

Finally, establish clear and measurable deliverables to ensure that the vision is accurately implemented.  Nothing stalemates the successful execution of a vision like unclear measuring points and deliverables.  In order for vision to be executed, progress must be reported at defined stages of the project to ensure that missteps are mitigated and success is properly leveraged.    

In the context of success it is not enough to simply have a plan.  Having a vision for achievement is critical if one is to realize success! Moreover, the vision must be clear and precise.  The clear vision is one that recognizes the need for the Good Hand of the Lord to be upon it, properly assesses the accuracy of its scope, is properly understood by those called to implement it, and have measureable deliverables that confirm its proper implementation.  Truly successful individuals move beyond just having plans to operating in vision that ensures even greater success!

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