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The Power of Agreement with God’s Word

“If we want God to teach us His ways, we must first stand in total submission to His holy will.”

  • Nicky Cruz

One of the most powerful things that we can do as sons and daughters of God is to get into agreement with the Word of God.  To agree with the Word of God means that we walk in step with its directions, ordinances, and trajectory.  It means that we choose His will over our own even when our emotions would lead us elsewhere.  Children of God recognize the utter futility in trying to live a life contrary to God’s Word and conversely understand the power involved in aligning oneself congruent with it. 


Have you ever tried running or driving against a headwind? When you are running against a headwind you must exert a force that is greater than that of the wind against you in order to make progress.  You tend to burn more energy or use more gas in order to make headway because the directional force of the wind is contrary to you.  Living a life outside of the scope of God’s will revealed through His Word is akin to running against the wind.  It requires more effort, more energy, and in many cases, additional time to navigate terrain that God has not sanctioned for your life.  

The Bible presents a clear case for walking in alignment with the Word of God and the resulting power that can be ours in Psalm 1:1.  It advises that the man who walks in agreement with the Word of God is first and foremost a blessed man.  The Bible declares that just for giving heed to the counsel of God rather than the evil counsel of the ungodly, that this man is blessed! My personal visual of this blessing returns me to the analogous example of the wind.  Instead of a contrary headwind in front of him, the man who walks in agreement with the Word of God has the tailwind of God’s favor at his back.  Tailwinds work in the opposite manner of headwinds.  When you have a tailwind at your back, whether you are running, driving, or flying in a plane, the load is lighter and you use less energy to make progress! That’s the blessing of walking in the power of agreement with God’s Word.  When your actions are aligned with God’s counsel for your life the wind of His favor will aid you through whatever terrain you need to cover. 

Regardless of the context, successful sons and daughters of God recognize that victory is realized when they get into agreement with the Word of God.  Don’t waste time fighting against the contrary winds of stubbornness and disobedience.  Align yourself quickly with God’s Word and watch the wind of His favor guide you to the path of victory!       

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  • Cynthia K. Johnson posted by Cynthia K. Johnson Monday, 16 April 2018 11:01

    I am absolutely in awe right now. Pastor, 'before' reading today's Monday Musing, I sent a message on Realm Connect to my LifeGroup teacher sharing how much I need God's Word to grow spiritually; then I read your blog post about being aligned with the Word of God.

    Pastor Oliver, thank you so much for how dedicated you are in teaching the EBC family to grow spiritually in God's Word. We are truly a blessed congregation.

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