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Victory in Jesus

“But what appeared to be a defeat was actually the greatest victory of all.”

  • Eugene Peterson

The audacious and tenacious faith we possess to declare victory in all circumstances and over all adversity is rooted in our connection to the victory of Jesus Christ.  We are conquerors because Jesus Christ emerged triumphant over Death, Hell, and the Grave and by virtue of His victory righteousness and justification have been imputed to us.  Moreover, our justification through faith in Him has given us access to His efficacious grace whereby we are empowered to stand victoriously!

The term conqueror refers to one who overcomes or wins in war utterly vanquishing forces that oppose them.  In Romans 8:37, we are declared to be superior or greater than conquerors as it relates to those things that would attempt to disqualify or alienate us because of the superior force of God’s love which has won us an incontrovertible victory! The enemy and his opposing forces don’t stand a chance against us when we recognize the authority we walk in because of the gift of His grace!


The challenge that we have as sons and daughters of God isn’t one where we are literally struggling for the victory, but rather, it involves wrestling to recognize that in Him we are already victorious.  It is tempting for many of us to look at our lives through the lenses of our circumstances which seem to be filled with struggle, setbacks and additional tests.  If we aren’t careful we can begin to see ourselves through the scope of what our conditions are dictating to us.  Our circumstances may suggest to us that our success is not certain.  Situations may purport that our posture of victory is an inaccurate one.  We must, however, dogmatically cling to our faith in His uncontested victory.  When we truly recognize that our triumph is a product of the finished work of the Cross then our posture toward dealing with challenges will change.  Instead of walking in a posture of uncertainty, we develop backbones of steel because the surety of our victory rests in Him and what He has done. 

I challenge you this week to rest in the finished work of the victory won by Jesus Christ.  It is not a matter of trying to be an overcomer, but rather, it is the recognition of our status as victors that should inform our actions.  Let your confidence be established and sustained by His triumph! There is and will always be Victory in Jesus!

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  • Cynthia K. Johnson posted by Cynthia K. Johnson Monday, 09 July 2018 09:11

    Awesome, ‘awesome’ blog on victory through Jesus Christ. Thank you Pastor Oliver!

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