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Deep Roots - The Key to Stability

“Without deep roots, even the lightest winds of adversity can blow us over.”

  • Gail Goodwin

In order for trees to grow, they must have deep roots in good soil.  What we see happening above ground is largely indicative of roots that have procured nourishment from rich soil and sustained the tree in a way that promotes healthy expansion.  The stability of the tree is also directly correlated with the depth of its roots.  A tree with shallow roots is less likely to withstand the assault of a storm as opposed to one deeply rooted in the soil.  We find this same principle at work in our lives.  If we are to victoriously navigate the various seasons of our lives it requires that we be firmly rooted in Jesus Christ.  


In Psalm 1, King David articulates that the man who meditates on the Law of the Lord and walks in agreement with God is like a tree firmly planted by the rivers of water.  The image of the tree planted by the water connotes the ultimate construct of stability.  The tree is firmly fixed in its position due to its deep roots attached to the source of its life.  Whatever storms may come the tree is able to weather them due to the depth of its roots.  The spiritual implications are the same for us as well.  When our faith is firmly rooted in Christ we operate in a stability that can withstand the fiercest adversity.  Though gale force winds of opposition may blow against us, we remain in place because the deep roots of our faith hold us firmly. 

I admonish you this week to allow the roots of your faith to burrow deeper into the soil that is Jesus Christ.  Meditating on the truth of His Word and communing with Him in prayer will ensure that your roots tunnel deeper into Him and secure you for the journey that lies ahead.  When the winds of adversity blow, you will no longer be tossed around, but rather, you will stand strong in the faith. 

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