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We Win Through Being Everyday Missionaries – Part 3

“If I live my beliefs every day, God can use even someone as ordinary as I am to change the world.”   

-          Brad Wilcox

We have been called, as sons and daughters of God, to be Everyday Missionaries at ALL TIMES, to ALL PEOPLE, in ALL PLACES, to the end that God receives ALL OF THE GLORY! God has given us the wonderful privilege of this gracious work allowing us to partner with Him in the spread of His message of hope and deliverance through our words and deeds.  This great work, however, doesn’t occur in a vacuum, but rather, in divinely-orchestrated everyday circumstances ripe with opportunity.


The discerning missionary recognizes that there will be a variety of contexts in which the service of an Everyday Missionary is required. The Everyday Missionary recognizes that they must share the Gospel of Christ even in environments that might appear mundane, ordinary, and counterintuitive. They don’t allow the setting to determine the work.  The Everyday Missionary understands that they must minister at work, home, in their communities, or wherever life may find them because even the most unassuming circumstance can become a mission field.

For example, while you are out dining with your family at a restaurant, your kind disposition and manner toward your server can lead to an opening for you to share the Gospel.  Perhaps your missionary opportunity could come while you’re on the job demonstrating faithfulness and commitment in your work.  Whatever the context, when you live life on mission and representing God in ALL PLACES, people will take note that there is something different about you and inquire about that difference.  I call those opportunities access points.  The server who messed up your order several times can’t understand why you still have a smile and treat them with dignity creating an access point for you to share that you live in a space of contentment because you know He Who Alone Satisfies.  The co-worker who’s panicking about potential layoffs can’t understand why you seem so assured that everything is going to be okay highlights an access point for you to share that your Heavenly Father is your source and that He holds your future in His hands.  An Everyday Missionary utilizes every opportunity in every situation to share their faith!

I challenge each of you this week to see the opportunity for missionary work in every context of your life.  Don’t relegate ministry to places that appear inherently spiritual or conspicuously ministry related.  Look for openings to share the Gospel in ALL PLACES and watch God use the everyday circumstances of your life to accomplish His mission in the earth. 

We WIN by serving as Everyday Missionaries in ALL PLACES

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  • Willie Anthony posted by Willie Anthony Monday, 03 April 2017 12:45

    Amen pastor Oliver, we are winners through praise and prayer.

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  • Willie Anthony posted by Willie Anthony Tuesday, 28 March 2017 00:36

    Thank you Pastor Oliver, for reminding us that we do have a mission to share the gospel of our LORD JESUS CHRIST who WON for us.

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  • Leeritta posted by Leeritta Monday, 27 March 2017 14:57

    Thank you Dr. Oliver. Have a blessed day!

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  • Katherine Morrison posted by Katherine Morrison Monday, 27 March 2017 14:25

    Amen! Thank you.

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