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We WIN Through Our Praise Featured

“Praise is man’s response to the revelation of who God is.”

-          Dr. Craig L. Oliver

Praise is one of the many tools that positions us to access the grace that enables us to be victorious!  We Win Through Our Praise! Praise is man’s response to who God is and as such it solicits and invokes the Presence of the Lord becoming an indomitable force employed by the believer.  Praise literally infuses the essence of who He is into our everyday circumstances! We can’t help but win when we praise our God!   

I understand that many of us are in the middle of contradictory contexts that from a casual observation one might erroneously deduce that we are not winning.  For some, the political climate seems to suggest that we are losing as a nation.  For others, the sensitized racial climate that has come to the surface recently may postulate that we are being defeated and the volatility of the world markets might give them pause as to the state of our victory.   I would like to remind you, however, that our God is not subordinate to the variables of our circumstances, but rather the variables of our circumstances must bow in obedience to our God.  He is eternal in nature, absolute in sovereignty, and His words never fail.

When we truly get a revelation of the breadth and depth of our God, our natural response is to praise Him in light of who He is.  It is this praise that causes us to win! It this praise that causes us to triumph! It is this praise that catapults us to victory!        

To be clear, the winning power in praise is the Presence of the Lord.  The Bible declares in Psalm 22:3 that the Sovereign Lord of Hosts makes His habitation in the praises of His people.  When we praise God, the atmosphere is subject to the authority wielded by the Presence of God.  Where there is confusion, the Presence of God brings peace that overwhelms the most perplexing circumstances giving way to absolute clarity.  Where there is fear, the Presence of the Lord awakens an unbreakable faith that allows us to move forward courageously.  Where there is bondage, the Presence of the Lord unleashes the burden-removing and yoke-destroying anointing of the Holy One of Israel allowing us to operate in the liberty that is our birthright as sons and daughters of God.  When we praise in the middle of adversity we invoke the presence of the All-Winning King of Glory who arrests our circumstances and subdues them in accordance with His purposes enabling us to boldly proclaim that we are more than conquerors through Jesus Christ!

I challenge each of you to walk throughout this week winning through your praise knowing that with the Presence of The Lord losing is not an option!

We Win Through Our Praise! 

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  • Lorraine Hubbard posted by Lorraine Hubbard Monday, 29 May 2017 07:14

    Thank you for your encouraging words, they help to keep me on track for my GOD!

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  • Jenai putignano posted by Jenai putignano Monday, 24 April 2017 11:08

    Even if a person been dealing with despair, hurt ,and not trusting anybody. Also if a person try to trust and only person they trust is themselves,Confused I am.

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  • Shipley Allen posted by Shipley Allen Wednesday, 05 April 2017 10:01

    Praise is what I do!!! Each day is a day of praise because it's nothing I have done just His Grace and Mercy and I just keep it to myself!!! Continue thanks Dr. Oliver for the Word of God!!! Blowing my whistle!!!???

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  • Brittany posted by Brittany Tuesday, 04 April 2017 21:01

    We are more than a conqueror!
    Can I get a witness up in here?
    Hmph, Hmph, Hmph! Woooo!

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  • K. Bell posted by K. Bell Tuesday, 04 April 2017 11:07

    Excellent message, Pastor. Being a person of Faith within this world is quite a cross to bear, but I am strengthened by the cross. I rejoice with the omnipotence of God and I relish in his finished work. In the end, it remains still in his hands. Thank you!

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  • Nitika Creamer posted by Nitika Creamer Monday, 03 April 2017 21:18

    Thank you so much for these powerful words from the Lord! I have been going through some trials and despite what it looks like right now I believe God to be a healer a deliverer a way maker and I know that He is present even now. So I praise Him anyway...Thank you Jesus!!! Amen

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  • Katherine Morrison posted by Katherine Morrison Monday, 03 April 2017 16:14

    The praises of Adonia will forever be in my mouth. Down through the years, the Lord has truly blessed and protected me, my family, friends and love ones. To God Be The Glory! Thanks you, Pastor Oliver for the message.

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  • Willie Anthony posted by Willie Anthony Monday, 03 April 2017 13:09

    Amen pastor Oliver, we are winners through praise and prayer.

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