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We Win Through Preparation

“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.”      

-          Bobby Unser

Winners capitalize on the strategic moments when preparation and opportunity intersect in order to achieve high success.  The mistake that many of us make while traversing the terrain between great ideas and successful execution is lack of preparation.  Success is not an incidental or accidental occurrence, but rather, it is the result of intentional preparation.   


Have you ever observed someone with a great idea who attempted to implement it without a cohesive plan of preparation? More than likely you observed them experience a low to moderate level of success.  The greatest ideas still require appropriate preparation to execute them effectively.  Engaging an effective plan through preparation is a critical process that cannot be dismissed if one is to experience true success. 

One of the challenges in Christendom is that we have a tendency to use mystical thinking to support our failure to effectively prepare.  We make unfounded declarations such as “I’m ‘faithing’ it into existence” to support an almost lazy approach to handling the vision that God has given to us.  This approach, however, usually results in failed or moderately successful implementations of the vision that are unfocused, ineffective, and poor representations of the original intention of God’s heart.  Simply put, we can’t avoid the necessary work of preparation.  

Prayer is one of the fundamental components of preparation.  While it may seem rudimentary, it is imperative that we commit every undertaking and idea that we seek to implement to prayer.  It is in prayer that we are able to solicit the Hand of God to rest upon our objectives and solicit His supernatural grace to aid us in accomplishing what we are unable to do in our own strength.  It is also in prayer that we are able to rightly align our hearts and motives with the purposes of God.  A heart submitted to God in prayer is perhaps the most strategic aspect of the preparation process. 

The next aspect of preparation involves implementing a clear strategy that outlines how to execute your objectives.  As previously noted, success is not haphazardly stumbled upon, but occurs as the result of hard work, strategic planning, and skillful implementation.  This component is just as necessary as praying for it pairs faith with action which is the recipe that WINNERS use for success. 

It has been said that the graveyard is one of the richest places on the planet, for it is filled with innumerable ideas, plans, and visions that failed to come to fruition.  Lack of preparation can rightly be blamed for making the graveyard a rich place! Strategic preparation is the best way to ensure that we don’t contribute to its riches!

Let’s WIN together through PREPARATION

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  • Regina posted by Regina Monday, 10 April 2017 22:58

    VERY empowering post. Thanks Pastor!

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  • Rita posted by Rita Monday, 10 April 2017 20:06

    Excellent post! I'm getting started on planning and preparation today! God bless.

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  • Katherine Morrison posted by Katherine Morrison Monday, 10 April 2017 13:18

    I totally agree with this message. Thank you!

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  • IRM posted by IRM Monday, 10 April 2017 11:15

    Right on time. Thank you

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  • Gail Jackson posted by Gail Jackson Monday, 10 April 2017 08:22

    Awesome Monday musings Dr. Oliver. Thank God that prayer brought you through your surgery and prayers are with you everyday to cover you in your healing. We are continuing to also pray for lady Oliver and her family during their time of grief. Thank you for your teaching.
    Gail Jackson

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