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Think Better! Do Better!

“Your life does not get BETTER by chance.  It gets BETTER by change.”    

  • Jim Rohn

BETTER! Beyond the traditional meaning of superior quality or excellence, the word BETTER connotes an existentially superior state of being.  More than just a cosmetic improvement in circumstances, I am declaring BETTER as way of life! BETTER in my family! BETTER in my finances! BETTER in my faith! BETTER in my fitness! Declaratively speaking we are decreeing that we will step into the New Year BETTER!   


If we are going to move into a BETTER state of life we must be cognizant that one does not transition into it passively or unintentionally.  BETTER is achieved through partnership with the Grace of God and a deliberate and intentional positive shift in behavioral trajectory.  In other words we must mix the Grace of God with positive change in order to realize change for the BETTER!

 What does BETTER look like to you? What positive changes do you want to see actualized in your life next year? I submit to you that you must not only visualize BETTER conceptually but you must actively walk out specific steps that will get you to BETTER! The mistake that many of us make while traversing the terrain between great ideas and successful execution is lack of action.  BETTER will not be an incidental or accidental occurrence, but rather, it will be the result of deliberate and progressive actions aimed at achieving the positive change you want to see.     

One of the challenges in Christendom is that we have a tendency to use mystical thinking to support failure to actively execute what we want.  We make unfounded declarations such as “I’m ‘faithing’ it into existence” to support an almost lazy approach to achieving our goals.  This approach, however, usually results in failed or moderately successful implementations of our plans that are unfocused, ineffective, and poor representations of the original intention of God’s heart for us.  Simply put, if we want BETTER, we can’t avoid the requisite action mandated to achieve it.  

I challenge you to require more of yourself now than ever before.  Insist on having BETTER and commit to the work of actualizing it in your life!


Dr. Craig L. Oliver - #ebcBETTER

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  • Monica Freeman posted by Monica Freeman Tuesday, 02 January 2018 18:09

    Father bless your Word to prosper within us! Bless the receiving, scripting, reading, and doing of your Word for Your Glory!
    We thank you man & family of God for your love, obedience, and shepherding.
    ‘Gooder and gooder’ I heard it once said, but that’s good + good which = good. Lol
    We want BETTER by faith and works, we shall receive, in JESUS NAME! Amen.

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  • Regina posted by Regina Monday, 01 January 2018 18:36

    Thanks SO much for leading us to a BETTER place in life and for helping us to see that BETTER does not JUST happen. BETTER is INTENTIONAL. Great blog! Blessings to you and your family in this new year!

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  • Sabrina Rowland posted by Sabrina Rowland Monday, 01 January 2018 13:58

    Great message and words to meditate on. Makes me think of one of my favorite without works is dead. I want better for myself in 2018.

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