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Think Better! Be Better!

“A man is literally what he thinks, his character being the complete sum of all his thoughts.”  

  • James Allen

The birthplace of genuine transformation is the mind.  Throughout the discourse of Holy Scripture we are admonished to undergo transformation by way of the systematic management of our thought life.  More than just a shallow thrust toward positive thinking, we are admonished to be “renewed in the spirit of our minds”…for “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”.  We are the sum totality of that to which our thoughts have given birth!


If I truly want BETTER for my life then it must begin with BETTER thoughts! Toxic thoughts are the antithesis to a BETTER life and lead to a defeatist lifestyle.  Have you ever encountered someone who experienced a failure in some context of life and when you asked them about it they articulated that they didn’t think they would be successful in that particular endeavor in the first place? This type of person was defeated before they even began because they failed to understand that victory happens first in the cognitive domain. 

What is it that you are believing to be BETTER this year? If you’re looking to become BETTER in your family relationships then you must first shift your thinking regarding your family.  Positive adjustments in your cognitions will precede transformation.  You must challenge any existing negative paradigm regarding any area that you are looking to be BETTER in and engage a mindset that is rooted in a faith that believes that with God all things are possible!  

BETTER thinking does not discount the reality of challenges or adversity, but rather; BETTER thinking embraces the reality that our thought life has creative control over not only what we experience, but how we experience it as well.  Thinking BETTER will not stop bad things from happening to us.  Good and bad things happen to all people.  That is the reality of the human experience.  BETTER thinking, however; will allow you to navigate the course of the human experience with a reliance on the grace of God and a belief that BETTER is always around the corner.  The person who thinks this way is never defeated.  The person who thinks this way is never without hope! The person who thinks this way is never stagnant! The person who possesses the BETTER mindset uses the totality of the human experience to showcase the grace of God at work in man!  This person is always victorious in every context of life because they are victorious in their thinking! 

I challenge you to elevate your thinking! Think next level! Think higher! Think greater! Think BETTER and watch the circumstances of your life line up with your thinking! 

Decree this very day that BETTER is BEFORE ME!

Dr. Craig L. Oliver - #ebcBETTER

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  • Johnelia Wilkerson posted by Johnelia Wilkerson Tuesday, 09 January 2018 22:01

    This is good stuff. I started my work week, talking to myself and making self-affirmations. I had a challenge before me and it seem to literally handle itself. My approach was one of confidence and assurance. Praise God He always goes before me and I can accomplish all things according to His Will for me. Thanks for the message.

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