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Dr. Craig L. Oliver

Dr. Craig L. Oliver

A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there.           

  • Anonymous

One of our biggest impediments to living a BETTER life is not a diabolical satanic force plotting or scheming against us, but our susceptibility to remaining attached to that which is familiar.  I read an article on by Alan Henry entitled The Science of Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone (and Why You Should) that I believe speaks to this matter in a practical way.  This week and next week I will share portions of that article with you.  I pray that you are able to lean into the simplicity of its message and practically apply it to your life.   

Dr. Craig L. Oliver, Sr.  #ebcBETTER

You've seen inspirational quotes that encourage you to get out and do something strange—something you wouldn't normally do—but getting out of your routine just takes so much work. There's actually a lot of science that explains why it's so hard to break out of your comfort zone, and why it's good for you when you do it. With a little understanding and a few adjustments, you can break away from your routine and do great things.

Many of the great achievements of the world were accomplished by tired and discouraged people who kept on working!      

  • Anonymous

Though it may not be a popular thought, the reality of discouragement is one of life's absolutes. Throughout the course of one's life there will certainly be times of discouragement.  Whether that discouragement comes as a result of people, circumstances, or a mixture of the two is simply a matter of how the Sovereign Lord has allowed it to play out.  The challenging valleys of life are as necessary to our lives as the enjoyable mountain top experiences.  For it is only from the lowly view of the valley that we can appreciate the expanse of the optimal view of the mountain.  In other words, moments of joy and inspiration have their best meaning when measured against moments of discouragement. 

“If we want God to teach us His ways, we must first stand in total submission to His holy will.”

  • Nicky Cruz

One of the most powerful things that we can do as sons and daughters of God is to get into agreement with the Word of God.  To agree with the Word of God means that we walk in step with its directions, ordinances, and trajectory.  It means that we choose His will over our own even when our emotions would lead us elsewhere.  Children of God recognize the utter futility in trying to live a life contrary to God’s Word and conversely understand the power involved in aligning oneself congruent with it. 

“The best way to succeed is to have a specific intent, a clear vision, a plan of action, and the ability to maintain clarity.”

— Steve Maraboli

One does not happen upon success haphazardly.  Success that lasts is achieved with deliberate purpose and vision is the deciding factor between arriving at your place of destination intentionally rather than stumbling into it.  Those who are most successful in life understand the value of having clear vision! 

“You are not fighting for a victory…You are fighting from victory! Victory is already yours.”

  • Priscilla Shirer

The audacious and tenacious faith we possess to declare victory in all circumstances and over all adversity is founded in our connection to the ULTIMATE WINNER’s victory.  We triumph because Jesus Christ emerged victorious over Death, Hell, and the Grave and by virtue of His victory, righteousness and justification have been imputed to us.  Moreover, our justification through faith in Him has given us access to His efficacious grace whereby we are empowered to stand victoriously! We WIN because He WON!

In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins; not through strength, but through perseverance.

  • H. Jackson Brown

We have a choice that has been set before us.  We can either be victims who are overwhelmed by the circumstances of our lives or we can be victors who triumphantly overcome in every context of life.  Regardless of the hand that you were forced to play I want you to emphatically proclaim “Better is Before Me” and allow that to serve as the impetus behind your perception of yourself. 

The new paradigm and concept for effective living centers on collaboration.  The Lone Ranger mode of life is no longer relevant.  Collaboration is the new normal.  If we are going to successfully navigate the demands of life we must renovate our attitudes concerning collective engagement.  Simply put…we are BETTER together!      

Nehemiah represents an excellent example of life in a collaborative context.  The story of Nehemiah begins with many of the Jews having returned from Babylonian captivity.  God had been faithful to His promise to return them to Jerusalem but the city was still a far cry from its former glory.  A group of returning Jews had rebuilt the temple 12 years prior to Nehemiah’s involvement but the walls of the city had not been rebuilt leaving Jerusalem vulnerable to enemy raiders.  When word of the condition of Jerusalem and its inhabitants came to Nehemiah, who was still serving as the cupbearer to King Artaxerxes of Persia, he was greatly burdened to see the walls of the city of Jerusalem rebuilt.  Through Divine Providence he received permission to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem from the King of Persia and set out to Jerusalem to oversee the rebuilding effort. 

“If you’re not a full-time missionary with a missionary badge pinned on your coat, now is the time to paint one on your heart.”

  • Neil Anderson

Did you know that we are all called to be missionaries every day? The average person has a mental construct of missionary work being abroad in the jungles of some third-world country replete with sleeping on dirt floors, eating little to no food, and keeping an eye out for wild animals with whom you may temporarily share living quarters.  Let me challenge you, however, to actively renovate your paradigm concerning the work of the missionary.  The work of the missionary, in the life of the believer, can occur in everyday circumstances.  This is what I call being an “Everyday Missionary”.

As human beings we were created with the innate need for connection.  There is an inherent interdependency that is wired into our DNA that makes connection essential.  It is critically important that we connect with the right people.  This is especially true for those of us who are seeking a BETTER life because those to whom we connect can either further our vision or hinder it.  Practically, the DOT has the premise in place where the requirement for riding in the HOV lane means you must have a person in the car with you.  You can’t have access to the HOV lane without another person in the car.  In some scenarios in order to have access to BETTER you must be strategically aligned with another person.  One of the main paths that we take toward a BETTER life is through our strategic connections!       

“Perhaps you are where you are because you haven’t planned to be somewhere different.”     

  • Dr. Craig L. Oliver, Sr.

Successful individuals capitalize on the strategic moments when preparation and opportunity intersect in order to achieve high success.  The mistake that many of us make while traversing the terrain between great ideas and successful execution is lack of preparation.  Success is not an incidental or accidental occurrence, but rather, it is the result of intentional preparation. 

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