Emergency Preparedness Month

Elizabeth Baptist Church

Hello EBC!  September is Emergency Preparedness Month for the United States of America.   Designated as such following the horrific acts of terrorism on September 11th 2001 where over 3,000 citizens, over 100 law enforcement officers and 341 firefighters lost their lives.

Here at EBC we feel an obligation to our congregation to be intentional about raises the level of preparedness for natural or human-caused disasters in our personal lives and at each of our five locations should an emergency occur during worship services. 

This year our emphasis will be on preparedness for an active shooter event and emergency evacuation.  We have posted an active shooter training video on our website and are asking each member of our congregation to take time this month to view to raise your awareness and equip you with steps to be taken should you find yourself in an active shooter incident.

Emergency evacuation plans have been developed by front line ministries for each EBC location.  Starting September 15th through the end of October, we will practice our emergency evacuation plans following the benediction at all sites and services on all campuses. 

Our God is able to keep us safe, however, it is just good stewardship to do everything we can for ourselves to be prepared.

Active Shooter Training