During the course of the year 2020 we have truly been awed by the Hand of God on our ministry, and the grace with which He has led us.  While 2020 has collectively been one of the most challenging years in the course of human history, I am proud of the innumerable members and friends of EBC who graciously opened their hands of generosity in service to their brothers, sisters, and the community at large, and made our first annual Giving Sunday a huge success.  Because of your generosity we were able to raise more than $595,000 and designate every single penny of it to those in need! Thank you for seeing the vision and thank you for your spirit of liberality!


As previously communicated, a team composed of members of EBC known as Generosity Ambassadors, took on the great task of determining how funds raised would be allocated.  To contextualize the enormity of the task in which they engaged, we must consider that they reviewed countless applications with $1.5 million dollars in requested assistance.  The following is a high-level breakdown of how the funds were designated:
  • $125,000 - Civic & Community
  • $331,900 - Benevolence (provided to individuals for utilities, rent/mortgage, car note payments, insurance, Christmas gifts for children, etc.)
  • $45,000 - Educational Institutions
  • $74,100 - Local & Global Missions
  • $23,053 - Small Businesses (impacted by COVID-19)
While there were truly an infinite amount of needs with limited resources for us to allocate, we are thankful that we were able to help so many at a time when it was truly needed.  We are grateful to the God of all grace who touched the hearts of so many to give, and to our Generosity Ambassadors for taking on the task of allocating the funds.  Giving Sunday was truly a success and we are looking forward to doing it again!