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Men of EBC – the Locker Room is back!

We’d like to invite you back to The Locker Room each Friday at 6:00am starting Friday, October 30 - Fri, Dec. 11.   Our theme for this cycle is “Facing Adversities” as we teach men how to navigate turbulent seasons in life.  This Life Group will provide wonderful opportunities to meet fellow men, experience life interactions and to build a close-knit group for Bible study, special activities, service projects, and other events of which to get involved. Perhaps most importantly, for many of us it will become a place of fellowship, encouragement, and prayer support. In The Locker Room, we seek to know and do God’s will, to be led by His Holy Spirit and to do all we were created to do as men.

Additional Info

  • Date Time: Friday, October 30 - Fri, Dec. 11
  • Location: Online
  • Event Date: Friday, 30 October 2020
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