Thank you for registering in advance to attend an in-person worship service at Elizabeth Baptist Church. As we begin our in-person worship services, know that the health and safety of each worshipper is our highest priority. To support our efforts, we ask that you please read, acknowledge understanding and agreement with the information below.

• Registration – Registration will be required of worshippers attending an in-person service on an EBC campus. Please be prepared to present a copy of your confirmed registration upon arrival via paper copy or via screenshot on your phone. Please be sure to attend the campus location and worship time that you registered for.

• Masks – Masks will be required of worshippers attending an in-person service on an EBC campus. If you don’t have a mask upon arrival, a mask will be provided to you.

• Social Distancing – To support social distancing, worshippers will be seated “every other seat”, allowing for one empty seat between each worshipper. Green dots will be utilized to identify available seating and assure proper spacing.

• Personal Space – In the interest of everyone’s safety and well-being, we want respect everyone’s personal space and maintain social distancing by not shaking hands or hugging (air high-fives are welcomed!)"

• Cleaning of EBC Campuses – Between and during each service as appropriate, high-touch surfaces and objects (doorknobs, tables, handles, light switches, etc.) will be professionally cleaned. A professional cleaning service has been procured to provide these services.

• Parking – All worshippers should plan to park on the EBC campus. No shuttle services will be provided at this time.

• Signage/Flow of Traffic – Signs will be posted in visible locations on and throughout each EBC campus to guide worshippers.

• Digital Services – To further maintain social distancing and leverage contactless resources, the following digital services will be available via a QR code that will be placed on the back of pews/chairs:

    o Text to Give - for tithes, offerings and other financial contributions
    o Text to Join – for those interested in becoming a member of EBC
    o EBC Sermon Notes – to access EBC sermon notes
    o EBC Calendar/Activities - to secure information regarding upcoming EBC activities, events, small groups, etc.
    o Greenhouse - Youth and Children Connection for Parents, provides interactive activities that will engage students during worship (or at any time).

We ask that if you or someone in your home is sick, has COVID-19 or has been in contact with someone who has COVID-19 that you refrain from attending in-person worship and continue to worship online until there are no signs/risk of exposure/risk of spreading COVID-19. 

By registering you agree to the registration information/terms and conditions noted above.